Adesiver Hercules

ADESIVER HERCULES is an odorless two-component adhesive for wooden floors with a very low sensitization level, free of solvents, water, isocyanic resins and epoxy resins with a MW <= 700. It has outstanding traction resistance, workability and coverage.

Destinations: Suitable for laying pre-finished and pre-calibred wooden floor as well as any other type of timber flooring including boards without having to prepare a bed of wood laths. Recommended for gluing onto heated subfloors.

Other uses:

  • Adhering of heat and sound insulating panels (cork, expanded polyurethane, rock-wool).
  • Adhering of tiles on asbestos cement and chipboards.
  • Adhering of wood and building materials (ceramics, stoneware-marble tiles) on to metal bases.

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Adesiver Elastic

ADESIVER ELASTIC is a single-component hydro-curing prepolymer based adhesive with a silanic termination (MS technology). Recommended for gluing of pre-finished wooden floor onto marble, grit, ceramic or marble-chip floor tiles, etc. Also suitable for gluing wooden floor onto subfloors with radiant heating. ADESIVER ELASTIC has very good acoustic insulation characteristics. CERTIFIED EC1R.

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