The Code of Ethics of Grupo Puma, which was approved by the governing bodies of each of the companies that are part of the group in October 2016, reflects the reference values of the group and contains the general principles that should govern the actions of all professionals who are part of it.

Consequently, the Code of Ethics of Grupo Puma, is a key element in the integrity of our businesses and represents who we are and how we act as a company, both internally, in terms of the companies that are part of the group and all of its employees, managers and administrators, as externally, in the market and with the other competitors. All professionals of the group, regardless of their position in the organization and the place where they carry out their activity, must know the mission and values contained in the Code of Ethics, accept them and use them as guidelines and conduct guide in the performance of their daily performances.

The document, also available on the corporate intranet of the group, is periodically reviewed to incorporate the necessary changes to respond to the new internal and external requirements and ensure its continuous improvement.

The governing bodies of the companies that are part of Grupo Puma also approved a number of corporate policies aimed at encouraging company-wide performance in accordance with the ethics and regulations in force in each of the identified risk areas, through a set of procedures and actions designed to prevent, detect and respond to actions, irregularities, fraud or acts contrary to the Group's Code of Ethics or the rules in force. The set of corporate policies and action protocols, along with the Code of Ethics of the group, represent the strong commitment of the company to its employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and other interest groups with which it relates, to conduct all its activities in accordance with current rules and regulations, as well as the highest standards and ethical values.

Likewise, the group has established a communication and complaint channel that intends to comply with the goals set forth in the Code of Ethics of the group and in the set of corporate policies and internal processes approved within it, which can be accessed through the corporate intranet.

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