Morcem® Therm system

Morcem® Therm GP W2

Hydraulic mortar used as an adhesive and covering on expanded polystyrene boards and mineral wool, in the external heat insulation system Morcem® Therm (SATE/ETICS).

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Morcem® Therm system accessories

Morcem® Therm Panel EPS

Thermal insulation panel made of self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene, used in the MORCEM® THERM external thermal insulation system. The expanded polystyrene panel is used as insulation within the MORCEM® THERM System both in new and restoration work.

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Traditerm® Perfil arranque aluminio

Starter and protection profile used in the MORCEM® THERM System.

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Morcem® Therm Perfil Ángulo PVC con Malla

Corner reinforcement profile in perforated PVC, used in the MORCEM® THERM System.

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Morcem® Therm Taco de Anclaje

Anchor used to fasten insulation panels in the MORCEM® System.

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