Watertightness (Morcem® Cover System)

Implarest® EPW

Two-component water-based epoxy primer/ bonding bridge for preparing damp and dry surfaces.

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Geotextil PU

GEOTEXTIL PU 100 / 50 g is a non-woven polyester fabric of 100 / 50 grams, developed with “H2O technology”, used for reinforcing “Morcem Cover” systems.

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Morcem® Elastic PM Barniz U.V.

Morcem Elastic PM Varnish U.V. is a one-component, pigmented, aliphatic varnish which is UVA stable, highly elastic, applied and dried cold and used to protect polyurethane membranes. It dries by reacting with the floor and air humidity. It protects effectively, especially if it is given a dark finish. Used on Morcem Elastic PM on surfaces with light pedestrian traffic which require a glossy finish with stable color which does not yellow.

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Morcem® Dry R

Mortar with special additives, for watertight cladding jobs.

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Product that provides continuous coverage capable of preventing water seepage and the consequent problems resulting from dampness. It is a coating that completely adheres to the surface, with high flexibility, elasticity and mechanical strength, and which withstands excellently the conditions of its application outside and keeps its properties for a very long time due to its excellent durability.It is especially suitable for preventing water seepage in terraces, flat roofs, tiled roofs, party walls, expansion joints, channels, downspouts, etc,… In general, it can be applied on any external surface that may be passable provided that this is not daily or intensive.

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