Primers and Additives

UnoFin Ancillary Water Repellent

Colourless water-repellent by impregnation and waterproofing which can be used in the treatment of mineral substrates, especially for work finishing’s with mortar façades and natural stone.

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UnoFin Ancillary Anti Efflorescence

UNOFIN ANCILLARY ANTI EFFLORESCENCE is a water-based product for removing and preventing the appearance of efflorescence caused by saltpeter on typical construction site facings, such as mortar, concrete, brick, fiber cement, natural stone, etc. It has great penetration in the support and great capacity of dissolution of the salts. This additive prevents the crystallization of salts on the treated surface. It is transparent and colourless and capable of cohering loose or poorly adhering particles.

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UnoFin Ancillary Primer

Adherence primer to promote cement, lime-based mortars and/or plaster-based renders´anchorage on smooth concrete or substrates lacking superficial absorption.

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Blue Rendering Fiberglass Mesh

Reinforcement Anti‐Alcalis Mesh for Rendering Mortars and OCM

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