Grupo Puma closes CEVIMASA with great success. The show has fulfilled the most optimistic expectations. The contest has exceed last year's excellent data and has overtaken the amount of 80.000 visitors. Manufacturers, suppliers, big buyer groups, architects, interior designers and blueprint designers have occupied, during the full week, the corridors of the fairground in one edition which confirms to be the best in the past few years.
Grupo Puma and its wide catalogue of constructive solutions dazzled all the visitors that went to their booth, which faithfully represented the combination of quality and vanguardism that characterise one of the most consolidated companies in the national panorama. From products’ physic samples, demonstrations in situ, interesting videos, to new interactive tools which allow you to get to know in an easy and intuitive way all the constructive systems that Grupo Puma puts at your disposal.
In this edition a great number of constructive solutions have been given:
  • Pavements line: Industrial, residential, decorative and sporting pavements' solutions.
  • Restoration line: among others, the new Carbotec system for concrete and pillars' reinforcement.
  • Insulation line: Exterior thermal insulation system (ETICS) Traditerm, a mentor in this sector.
  • Professional line: an evolution of Pegoland adhesive range. It is based on the "TECNO-ADAPT" new technology, which improves the conditions of the adhesives in the market in whiteness, fineness, workability, etc. Which means a confort guarantee for the professional worker.

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