Betting once more on the effectiveness of our products and care of customers through their satisfaction, we have baptized as “The perfect Couple” two of our star products; Pegoland Flex C2 TE S1 and Morcemcolor Plus Flexible CG2AW. Those, used jointly, ensure a perfect result when tiling.
On the one hand, we find Pegoland Flex C2 TE S1, a cement-based adhesive of mixed binders endowed with flexibility and high adhesion for the laying of floors and coverings. Especially recommended for the tiling of facades, pavements of large surfaces, underfloor heating, and the gluing of all types of ceramic pieces.
On the other hand, Morcemcolor Plus Flexible CG2AW, anti-fungal, anti-algae and water repellent grouting mortar, suitable for the sealing of joints from 2 to 15 mm for all types of ceramic tiles. Ideal solution for swimming pools and areas where there is a risk for the spread of microorganisms, adding an extra to the hygiene, cleaning and health protection.
The sum of both will result in combining their forces to ensure the achievement for a better finish.
The sum of both gives rise to the tandem that will ensure the best finish.