Waterproofing sheet of 1 m x 8 m x 4.8 Kg/m2 of bitumen modified with elastomer (APP).  With polyester felt armour, finished on both sides with non-stick polyethylene film. Waterproofing bituminous sheet ideal for waterproofing of roofs type LBM-48-FP. It acts as single and double skin under heavy protection. It serves in turn for water tightness in buried structures and, as lower sheet in gardens’ roofs.

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Additional information


It is composed of polyester felt armour, mast modified with elastomeric finished with non-stick polyethylene film on both sides

Features and applications

  • Single-skin layer system under heavy protection.
  • Double-skin layer system under heavy protection.
  • Double-skin system inferior sheet in open air.
  • Sealing sheet in buried structures.
  • Lowe sheet in green areas covers.

Instructions for use

Place by adhesion by blowtorch.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Not recommended for upper sheet in open air double-skin systems nor for single-skin layers or upper sheet in green areas’ covers.
  • Store in vertical position.
  • Away from open air and humidity. 
  • Do not apply under -5ºC.
  • In general terms, the protection of a waterproofing system should be carried out as soon as possible, especially when dealing with non-adhered solutions, which should be away from open air for at least more than 72 hours.


25 rolls per pallet.

Maximum time of storage: 2 years, away from open air at temperatures above +5ºC.

Technical data

Behaviour against Exterior Fire prEN 13501-5 - Broof(t1)
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 - E
Water tightness EN 1928 (A) - Pass
Resistance to Longitudinal traction EN 12311-1 N/50 mm 700±200
Resistance to Transversal traction EN 12311-1 N/50 mm 450±150
Elongation to longitudinal break. EN 12311-1 % 35±15
Elongation to transversal break. EN 12311-1 % 35±15
Resistance against roots penetration prEN 13948 - PND
Resistance against aesthetic load EN 12730 Kg ≥15
Impact resistance EN 12691 mm ≥1000
Joint resistance to longitudinal shear EN 12317-1 N/5 cm 450±150
Joint resistance to transversal shear EN 12317-1 N/5 cm 450±150
Ability to fold EN 1109 ºC ≤ -15
Water vapour transmission EN 1931 (m².s.Pa)/Kg 20.000
Fluency resistance EN 1110 ºC ≥120
Dimensional stability EN 1107-1 % ≤0.6
Adhesion of granule EN 12039 % PND
Hazardous substances - - PND

PND: Non determined feature; Pass: Positive; Not Pass. Negative

Visible defects EN 1850-1 - Non-defective
Mixture EN 1849-1 Kg/m² [4.56-5.28]
Length EN 1848-1 m 8
Width EN 1848-1 m 1
Straightness EN 1848-1 - Pass
Roll surface - 8
Rolls per pallet - - 25