Morcem® Cal Acabado Extrafino CR W0

Natural hydraulic lime smoothing mortar.
Natural composition, highly breathable.

998-1 - CR W0

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Product made of NHL 3.5 white lime, aerial lime, pozzollanic, mineral  loads and other additives. 

Features and applications

  • Waterproof interior and exterior cladding.
  • Suitable for its use in restoration works due to its excellent compatibility with traditional systems.
  • Interior and exterior application in new construction buildings where living conditions may need to be improved regarding cement based mortars.
  • Excellent water vapour permeability, allowing the substrate to breath.
  • Excellent adherence and great plasticity.
  • It does not include cement in its composition.
  • Smooth and polished finish.
  • Manual application.
  • Lime mortars finish.


  • Suitable for substrates that have been previously treated with MOCEMCAL ACABADO.
  • It is necessary to wet the substrate with abundant water and wait until the water disappears in order to apply it.
  • Do not apply on top of plaster or paint.

Instructions for use

  • Add water and mix it mechanically until getting a homogeneous and workable consistence.
  • Mix it adjusting the water to the given instructions avoiding any excess; wait until getting the wanted consistence by a prolonged mixing.
  • Wet the substrate and wait until the water disappears in order to apply the product.
  • Expand the mixed product on top of the substrate with a trowel, putting pressure on the substrate in order to guarantee the adherence and avoid the occlusion of the air.
  • The thickness should not exceed the 2mm.
  • Wet the substrate with abundant water at least 24 hours before applying the product. Cure the applied material during 24 hours after the product has been applied.  In order to proceed to the cladding finish with MORCEMCAL ACABADO EXTRAFINO, it  is necessary to wait about 24-48 hours per cladding base mortar centimetre.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply it under 5ºC nor above 30ºC.
  • Do not apply it in case of frost, rains, heavy winds or direct sun.
  • Under extreme weather conditions (heavy winds or high temperatures) it is advisable to wet by soft aspersion the product the day after it has been applied.
  • Do not apply it directly on the enclosure (bricks, concrete blocks, etc).
  • Do not add any water to the mixed mortar when it starts to harden.


15 Kg plastified paper bags
1 year storage in its original packaging, indoors and away from humidity.

Technical data

(Statistic results obtained in standard conditions)

Aspect off-white powder.
Mixing water 41±1
Density of the paste 1,65 ± 0,2 g/cm3
 Water vapour permeability µ≤7
Classification according to UNE EN 998-1:  CR W0
Approximate yield 1,0 kg/m2 by mm  thickness


Reacción al fuego:  A1
Absorción de agua: W0
Coeficiente de difusión de vapor de agua: ≤μ6
Adhesión: ≥ 0,1N/mm2 form of fracture B
Conductividad térmica:  (λ10, seco) 0.3 w/mK (tabular value)

Evaluación basada en disposiciones válida en

el lugar previsto de utilización del mortero



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