Morcemcril® Mosaico

Ready to use synthetic mineral render for waterproofing and decorating façades and indoor walls, especially designed for reinforcing skirting boards (baseboards) in the TRADITERM external thermal insulation system. Outdoor and indoor application. 2.  Decorative finish for the external thermol insulation system TRADITERM®. (ETICS).Formulated with additives that prevents and  delay the apparition of algae and molds.

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Product based on acrylic resins, crushed natural stone, mineral pigments and organic and inorganic additives.

Features and applications

  • Ready to use.
  • High surface hardness.
  • Resistant to weather conditions.
  • Resistant to mold and algae.
  • Waterproof.
  • Permeable to water vapor, allowing the substrate to breathe.
  • Quick and simple application.
  • Compatible with most substrates.
  • Resistant to aging, city atmosphere and UV radiation.
  • Excellent adhesion to usual construction surfaces.
  • Washable.
  • Ideal for dealing with the area of skirting boards (baseboards) and frames around windows and doors in façades.


  • Compatible with mineral mortars, concrete, one-coat mortars and plasters.
  • TRADITERM external thermal insulation system ready for the application of the final decorative finish.
  • Not compatible with fresh lime renders, resins or varnishes, distemper, lime or silicate paints, on substrates that are already painted.
  • The supports must be clean, free of dust, loose particles, remains of old paints, oils, fungi, molds and other microorganisms, etc

Instructions for use

  • Mix until the material is homogenous.
  • The product is ready to use, applications with a stainless steel trowel.
  • Spread the product on the substrate, and pass the trowel successively over the applied surface, always in the same direction, to get a flat surface completely covered by MORCEMCRIL MOSAIC.
  • Clean work tools with water immediately after use. Remove dry remains with turpentine paint solvent.
  • The substrates must be sound clean, free of dust, loose particles, residues of old paints, oils, etc.
  • Use FIJAMOR as primer on low cohesion substrates. Always prime with FONDO MORCEMCRIL.


Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5ºC or above 35ºC, under direct sunlight, rain or risk of frost.
  • Do not apply if humidity is greater than 70%, either in terms of the environment or the surface, nor if it is predicted to rain in the coming days.
  • Do not apply on horizontal substrates (floors) or sloped less than 45º.
  • Protect the upper part of the render to avoid rain water penetration.
  • Being the product’s finish dependent on the mix of its natural composed stones, its results may vary.
  • To avoid small colour variations order all the necessary product in a single order and do not mix different batch numbers in a single working area.
  • When using spray gun keep pressure, and wall distance constants to avoid finishing variations.
  • Low temperatures and high humidity make it harder for the Morcemcril Mosaico to dry, thus lengthening the drying time.
  • Protect surrounding areas thoroughly. Clean with water any spillage before dryng.


MORCEMCRIL is sold in 20Kg plastic buckets.

Shelf life: 2 years in sealed original packaging, store in fresh and dry places. Avoid exposure to temperatures below 5ºC or above 30ºC. Sheltered from weather conditions.

Technical data

(Statistical data obtained under standard conditions)

Specific weight 1.7 kg/L
Yield 4 – 5 kg/m²
Drying time 2 hours at 25°C and 50% humidity
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Colors in stock

Blanco 000
Blanco 000
Marfil 010
Marfil 010
Amarillo 015
Amarillo 015
Rosa 030
Rosa 030
Rojo 040
Rojo 040
Madera 050
Madera 050
Verde 060
Verde 060
Gris 070
Gris 070
Nevada 085
Nevada 085