Paviland® Industrial CR

Powder product which  when applied on fresh concrete, it makes a monolithic layer with great resistance to abrasion. It has excellent mechanical strengths, and it is easy to clean. Suitable for industrial buildings floors submitted to intense transit, it is also suitable for logistic warehouse floors, shopping centre’s car parks, among others. Resistant to open air. Without dust formation on the surface.

CT C50 F6 AR0,5 A6 DAP

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High-strength Portland cement, selected aggregates of quartz, aluminium oxide (corundum) and iron silicates, pigments, and high purity additives.

Features and applications

  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • High mechanical strengths.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Without powder formation on the surface.
  • Flooring in industrial buildings subject to heavy traffic.
  • Logistic warehouse floors.
  • Shopping centre car parks. Sport courts.
  • Resistant to open air.

Instructions for use

  • Prepare the substrate with suitable meshes for concrete reinforcement.
  • Protect the areas to be cleaned.
  • Draw out the desired levels.
  • Spread and level the concrete with vibrating trowels or by hand.
  • Use the concrete helicopter to open the concrete.
  • Sprinkle the wearing layer formed by PAVILAND INDUSTRIAL CR on the fresh concrete.
  • Use the helicopter again, homogenising the wearing course, until it is completely smooth and hardened. It is not advisable to add extra water to achieve perfect hydration of PAVILAND INDUSTRIAL CR as this may reduce the mechanical strength.
  • The surface layer must be protected from drying too quickly, avoiding dehydration of the mortar, especially in conditions of elevated temperature and/or strong wind, recommending the use of protection and/or curing resins from the PAVILAND RESINA range for this purpose.
  • Cut and clean expansion joints.

Cautions and recommendations

Preventive measures and advice based on the Spanish Structural Code:

  • Do not apply the product under risk of frost, rain, or strong wings.
  • Once the concrete has been placed, it should be protected from the sun and especially from the wind to prevent it from drying out.
  • In general, concreting will be suspended whenever it is anticipated that the ambient temperature may drop below zero degrees Celsius within the next 48 hours.
  • Use gloves and protective goggles when manipulating the product.
  • This product contains cement. Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin and avoid inhalation of dust.
  • The characteristics of the concrete (water-cement ratio, strengths, etc.) will have an important influence on the final characteristics of the floor.
  • In the final finish colour changes may occur due to variations caused by the base concrete.


Laminated paper bags of 25Kg each. Storage up to 1 year in its original closed container, sheltered from open air and humidity.

Technical data

(Statistic results are obtained under standard conditions)

Aspect Coloured powder
Approximate performance (*) 4 - 5 Kg/m2 for 0,5 cm thickness
Bending strenght (UNE – EN 1015-11) >6 N/mm2
Compressive strengh  (UNE – EN 1015-11) >50 N/mm2
Abrasion resistance (UNE – EN 12808-2) <350mm3
BCA wear resistance (UNE-EN 13892-4) AR0.5
Böhme wear resistance (UNE-EN 13892-3) A6

(*) Performance can be increased depending on the tonality chosen and the colour of the concrete used.

Check with our technical department for white colour.

CE Mark

 Avda. Agrupación Córdoba, 17
 14014 CÓRDOBA


No. 510194

EN 13813

Powder product CT C50 F6 AR0,5 A6 type, which applied on
Fresh concrete, forms a monolithic wear layer with great resistance to

Reaction to fire A1 Class
Hazardous substances emission CT

Compressive strength 
Flexural strength  Wear 
resistance BCA

Böhme wear resistance A6
Hazardous substances See Safety Sheet

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Mortar made with aggregates close to the production centres, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with its transport and made in production centres with Environmental Management systems certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, a firm commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. Mortar with type III ecological label (the most demanding) Environmental Product Declaration externally verified by AENOR.


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