Traditerm® Taco de Anclaje STR H

Anchor suitable for wooden substrates with zinc screw. Easy and fast execution. It ensures a fixation
of high quality insulating panels on wooden supports. Possibility of hidden anchorage in the system. Fixing of insulating panels to the External Thermal Insulation System Traditerm®(SATE/ETICS). Permanent contact pressure. Range of sizes, depending on the thickness of the insulating panel to be used.


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Plastic anchor with zinc screw.

Features and applications

  • Fast and easy to apply.
  • It ensures a great quality fixation of the insulating panels on wooden substrates.
  • Possibility of hidden anchorage in the system.
  • Fixation of insulating panels in exterior thermal insulation Traditerm systems.
  • Permanent contact pressure.
  • Range of sizes, according to the insulating panel thickness used.

Instructions for use

24 hours after the fixation of the insulation panels  to the substrate, with the Traditerm® adhesive, make a hole in the substrate with a drill, crossing the insulating plaque.

There are two ways to place the Traditerm Taco de Anclaje STR H:

  • Método Interior Aislante (Interior Insulating method)

Place the Traditerm taco de anclaje STR H on the hole done and screw it towards the inside with the help of “Traditerm Kit Corona STR”.

Once the anchor has been introduced in the insulator, place the corresponding "Traditerm Tapa Aislante" according to the insulating type.


  • Método Superficial. (Superficial method)

On top of the hole done, place the anchor and screw it until it reaches a point where it cuts by 1-2mm the surface of  the insulating panel.
Place “Traditerm Tapón STR” and level the surface with Traditerm®.mortar.


Cautions and recommendations

  • The anchor should be inserted at least 30-40 mm  intothe substrate.
  • The anchor should cut the insulating panel by 1 mm in case of using the Superficial method. If the anchor is not inserted in the insulation panel , it will remain seen in the final finish.
  • Make sure the anchor are well fixed.
  • According to the insulating panel, we suggest the following thickness from Traditerm Taco de Anclaje STR H:
    Método Interior Aislante (Interior Insulating method) Método Superficial. (Superficial method)
    Taco Anclaje STR H 080 - 40
    Taco Anclaje STR H 100 - 60
    Taco Anclaje STR H 120 80 80
    Taco Anclaje STR H 140 100 100
    Taco Anclaje STR H 160 120 120
    Taco Anclaje STR H 180 140 140
    Taco Anclaje STR H 200 160 160
    Taco Anclaje STR H 220 180 180
    Taco Anclaje STR H 240 200 200



Anchor is presented in 100 units boxes.
Keep away from open air and sun radiation.

Technical data

(Results obtained under standard conditions in laboratory)

Diameter of the screw 6 mm
Diameter of the washer 60 mm
Screw penetration 30-40 mm
Thermal conductivity  0,002 W/K
Efficiency 8 units/m2 minimum

Loads of use advised

Wooden fibre boards (thickness  ≥ 17.0 mm) 0.25 kN
Agglomerates (thickness≥ 13.0 mm) 0.25 kN
Wooden boards and plaster (thickness  ≥ 12.5 mm) 0.15 kN
OSB boards (thickness ≥ 16.0 mm) 0.25 kN
Solid boards (thickness ≥ 27 mm) 0.25 kN

Use loads suggested are calculated with a security factor of 3. They may differe according to the purpose. 


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