Grupo Puma participated in the rehabilitation work of reinforcement of the east and south grandstands structures of the football stadium El Molinón, in Gijón.
The geometry and structural capacity of the concrete has been recovered by cleaning the corroded concrete, cleaning the rust in areas affected by pathologies, passivation of the framework with IMPLAREST C, application of the bonding bridge, IMPLAREST EP, reconstruction of the sector by mortar of structural reparation, MORCEMREST EF 50, together with the application of a protective coating of concrete, MORCEMDRY F, and shear reinforcement by carbon fibre bands, SISTEMA CARBOTEC MALLA.
All the work has been done by a company specialise in reparation processes and concrete reinforcement. 
Building type: Football stadium
Place: Parque de Isabel la Católica, s/n Gijón - Principado de Asturias - Spain.
Promoter:  Gijón city council

Location: Gijón

Author: CADESA

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