EIFS Mortars

WalAce® Mortar GP W2

Hydraulic mortar used as an adhesive and covering on EPS or XPS  or MW in the external heat insulation system WalAce EIFS. This mortar, ideal for exterior thermal insulation system, has great adhesion, waterproofing, easy application and does not spread the flame. It is permeable to water vapour. 

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Traditerm Flexible

Maximum flexibility mortar, for insulation panels coating (WalAce EPS PANELS) in WalAce EIFS, and as cladding reinforcement of OSB type wooden panels. The TRADITERM FLEXIBLE has excellent impact resistance and is impervious to rainwater. At the same time, it is ideal for use within the external thermal insulation system, is free of cement and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

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Traditerm Ceramic

Two-component high-performance adhesive for applying ceramic in the WalAce CERAMIC (EIFS) System. No sagging and excellent initial adhesion. It has a high open time, allowing the rectification of parts. This adhesive mortar for insulation systems is highly deformable

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Traditerm Proyectable

Single-component white mortar with extraordinary adhesion to polystyrene and very low capillary absorption of water. Designed for application as an adhesive for WalAce PANEL EPS panels and as a reinforced coating of the same. Admits the finishes from the UNOFIN ACRYLIC range mortar. It can be applied for the rehabilitation of façades, reinforced base layer on plaster or cement-based re-grown supports. For this application the finish will be from the UNOFIN ACRYLIC range. It can be applied by hand or by projection.


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EIFS Panels

WalAce® EPS Panel

Thermal insulation panel made of self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene, used in the WalAce external thermal insulation system. The expanded polystyrene panel is used as insulation within the WalAce SYSTEM both in new and restoration work. Its a light and workable material, also easy to cut. The range of thicknesses provide different levels of thermal insulation. It has an excellent resistance to aging.

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WalAce® Mesh

WalAce® MESH consists of double weave threads, essential for reinforcing the WalAce® EIFS system. It is recommended in the application of WalAce® EIFS system as it provides greater resistance and stability to the system. It also prevents the appearance of cracks in WalAce® Mortar which are caused due to temperature differences or movement of the insulation panels. It has excellent traction resistance and improves overall impact resistance of the entire system.

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EIFS Fixing Anchors

WalAce® Fixing Anchor

WalAce® Anchors are made up of polyethylene material and are used to fix the WalAce® insulation panels to the substrate. It comes in various lengths are per the Insulation thickness of WalAce® system. Also they have European approval according to ETA-16/0509. 


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EIFS Profiles

WalAce® Starter Profile

Starter profile is installed at the bottom of the WalAce® System. It protects and reinforces the base. Used as a guide for the aligning the insulation panels.  

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WalAce® PVC Corner profile with mesh

PVC Corner Profile with mesh are a part of the WalAce System and are applied on the outer corner of the Wall. The profiles come with a PVC profile with reinforcement mesh gives an ease of application and maintain alignment of the edges. 

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WalAce® Finishing Profile

Profile installed at the end/edge of WalAce® and the different frames of Windows, Door etc on the Façade of the system. 

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WalAce® Guttering Profile

Profile installed in horizontal direction forming guttering in the WalAce® EIFS at the Windows/ Doors/ Façade edges.  Its profile allows a correct evacuation of rainwater on the facade preventing its travel inwards and damaging the surface. 

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WalAce® Expansion Joint Profile

Specially designed PVC profile with anti-alkaline fibreglass mesh and flexible band for expansion joint treatment. Designed as a solution where the WalAce EIFS is going to be installed. 

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WalAce® Crown Profile

Protects the WalAce EIFS from the top. This profile ensures that the water does not enter from the top to the back of the system. 

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