Morcem® Pasta Juntas lista al uso

Ready-mix material for the complete joint treatment in plasterboard systems.

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Product based on of inorganic mineral loads, calcium sulphate and additives

Features and applications

  • Application with jointing tape for complete joint treatment (filling and finishing) in plasterboard systems. 
  • Plastering over screw heads.
  • Forms a smooth and flat surface.
  • Drying period between 12 and 48 hours depending on the environmental conditions.
  • Prepares the surface for decoration works
  • Reparation of areas that may have sustained minor damaged during installation or to correct slight irregularities in the boards.
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Manual or mechanical application.
  • Not suitable for tapeless joints treatments.

Features and applications

  • Slightly mix MORCEM PASTA JUNTAS LISTA AL USO, prior to the use to to obtain a homogeneous consistency, either manually or mechanically. In the latter case, the stirring time should not exceed 30 sg.
  • Fill the joints with the paste and apply the jointing tape.
  • Flatten with a spatula and remove the excess. Remove any lumps, bulges or air pockets under the tape.
  • Leave until it is completely dry. Apply successive layers of paste according to the required level of finish, complying with the drying period between layers.
  • Apply 2 to 3 layers of paste on screw heads.
  • Use edge protectors and joint tapes on corners.
  • Each coat should be a slightly wider than the previous one.
  • Apply the decoration layer after the treatment of the joints ensuring that the applied paste is completely dry, free of dust and clean.
  • Water absorption of the boards and the paste must be regulated before the finish layer using a primer or plaster recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Laminated plasterboards.
  • The supports should be resistant, stable, healthy and clean, free of dust, remnants of release agents, organic products, etc.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply below 5ºC nor above 30ºC.
  • It should not be applied in cases above 85 % of humidity.
  • In case of high humidity levels, the use of dehumidifiers may be required.
  • It is necessary to comply with the drying times between layers to avoid shrinkage and cracks.
  • Longer mixture times can lead to loss of consistency and difficulty during application.
  • Do not use tools with remnants from other mixtures.
  • Do not mix with other products.
  • Do not apply or mix the product when there is risk of frost.
  • Icy temperatures or high relative humidity can reduce the adhesion of the paste.
  • The area in which the product is going to be applied should be sufficiently ventilated, to avoid excess humidity.
  • Not suitable for tapeless joint treatment.
  • Do not mix with any other paste or products.



5 and 20 kg containers
Shelf life: 1 year in sealed original packaging, sheltered from weather conditions and humidity.

Technical data

Color  White
Setting Time 12-48 hours.
Type of application Manual or mechanical
PH Approx. 8.5
Adherence (Mpa) ≥ 0.25**
Resistance to fire A2-S1, d0
Application regulations/standards Classified as 3A according to EN-13963.
Approximate performance* 1 COAT FINISH 0,50 Kg/m2
2 COATS FINISH  0,65 Kg/m2
3 COATS FINISH 0,75 Kg/m2

* Approximate consumption by m2 of finely adjusted edges, without taking into account peripheral joints or waste.


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