Grupo Puma is a group of companies specialised in the world of construction materials. Due to our more than 40 years of experience and commitment in the sector, we are able to offer a wide range of exceptional and high-quality products. These are the result of careful studies in our own labs, located in each factory, where we examine their components and qualities. Thanks to these studies, we have put products on the market whose quality to price ratio is unsurpassed.

Grupo Puma has 37 production and distribution centres in 4 continents, all of them equipped with the most advanced technology, so that we can offer the best coverage and services for our wide range of products.

About us

With a production capacity of mstr ore than 1 million tonnes per year. Grupo Puma establishes itself as the largest manufacturer of mortar in Spain.

Our experience, service quality and vision for the future drives us to progress day by day and achieve our objectives and our goal of manufacturing products of unbeatable quality. Ideas that we want our image to reflect.