Paviland® Resina AP30

Acrylic resin-based covering water based-solution, together with aqueous polyurethane dispersions based on aliphatic polyesters for the finishing of concrete flooring and hot mix asphalt in sports installations.


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Additional information

Features and applications

  • High covering performance.
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • Totally anti-dust.
  • Excellent resistance to weather conditions.
  • Satin finish.
  • Non-flammable.


  • Substrates must be clean, free of curing liquids and foreign materials.
  • May be applied on wet substrates and with a minimum of 10 days of setting time for hydraulic operations.

Instructions for use

  • Homogenise the product and apply two layers by brush or roller diluting each layer with the appropriate amount of water in accordance with the porosity of the substrate (approx 5% of water for the first layer and 2% for the second is recommendable).
  • Minimum temperature for application: + 5ºC.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Avoid prolonged contact with the skin, eyes and clothing
  • Minimum temperature for application: + 5ºC.
  • Do not eat or smoke and keep the premises well ventilated.
  • In the event of prolonged contact wash with soap and water.


25 and 100 litre drums.
Storage 6 months in original sealed packaging, protected against weather conditions and humidity, avoiding exposure to temperatures lower than 5ºC or higher than 35ºC

Technical data

(Statistical data obtained under standard conditions)

Appearance transparent whitish liquid
Touch dry 1 hour
Completely dry 12 hours
Put into service 24 hours 
Maximum resistance 5 days
Hardening by formation of continuous film after evaporation of water
Mixture density 1.4 Kg/l
Residue dried at 150ºC75%
Performance 100-150 gr/m2


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