Traditerm® NC

Hydraulic mortar used as an adhesive for expanded polystyrene insulation plates  (TRADITERM Panel EPS), in graphite expanded polystyrene (TRADITERM Panel EPS-G), in mineral wool (TRADITERM Panel MW) and natural cork (TRADITERM Panel Cork), in the exterior thermal  insulation system TRADITERM (SATE/ETICS). This mortar is ideal for exterior thermal insulation system, it has great adhesion, easy to apply and does not spread the flame. It is also water vapour permeable.

998-1 - GP W0 ECO

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Made from hydraulic conglomerates, selected aggregates and additives.

Features and applications

  • Especially made for the bonding of boards on non conventional substrates.
  • Manual application
  • Excellent adherence.


  • Mortar renderings or other substrates of a similar mineral nature with a certain degree of porosity.
  • OBS  wood plates
  • Ceramic tiles or very well adhered to tiles.
  • Paint in good state 
  • Waterproof bricks.
  • Substrates must be resistant, stable, healthy and clean, free of dust, remains of release agents and organic products.
  • Take into account  the resistance compatibility of the substrate with  the mortar used.
  • In case of hot, wind or very absorbent substrates, wet the substrate and wait until the complete film of water disappears.
  • Do not apply on top of plaster.

Instructions for use

  • Mix the product with water until getting a homogeneous paste: 20% approximately.
  • Fix the insulating plates to the substrate, using TRADITERM NC mortar.


  • Spread and comb the TRADITERM adhesive on the insulating panel, using the notched trowel. This way a homogeneous distribution of the adhesive is obtained over the plaque.
  • Remove the TRADITERM bit close to the plaque (2cm approximately).
  • This is done when the flatness of the substrate is <5 mm using a 2 m ruler to measure it.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Substrates (bricks, plasters, concrete, OSB, paints...) must be clean (free of dust, traces of paint in bad condition, greases, release agents, etc.)
  • The person in charge must make sure that, in the event of applying the product on top of any other paint, this pain is in good state.
  • Substrates with greater than 1 cm, incline, should be previously regularized.
  • Insulating panels should never cover the building's expansion joints. As a solution, please use the expansion profile.
  • Protect the upper part of the façade to avoid possible water filtration.
  • The adhesive does not exempt the placement of anchor plugs.
  • Do not apply the product under extreme weather conditions.
  • Do not apply it under the rick of freeze, rains, heavy winds or direct sun light.
  • Do not apply in areas where there might be stagnant water. 
  • Under extreme weather conditions (heavy wind or high temperatures) the drying process may be faster than usual.


5 kg laminated paper sacks.
1 year storage in its original packaging, away from extreme weather conditions and humidity.

Technical data

(Statistic results obtained in standard conditions)

Aspect White powder
Permeability to water vapour µ ≤ 20
Adhesion according to UNE EN 1510-12 SUBSTRATE N/mm2
Concrete > 1
Tile (glazed face) > 1
EPS > 0,2 break EPS
OSB > 0.2 break OSB
Paint (in good state) > 1
Tile > 1
Waterproof brick > 1
Classification according to UNE-EN 998 1 GP W0
Approximate yeld 4-5 kg/m2


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