Imperpuma Emulsion Asfáltica

Non-ionic bituminous emulsion of the type ED according to UNE 104231, of pasty consistency and soluble in water.

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Dispersion of bitumen in water.

Features and applications

  • It is odorless, inert and impervious to acid and alkaline emissions, sea air, industrial fumes, etc.
  • Does not contain solvents.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Does not run or drip in high temperatures.
  • Completely stable and very durable.
  • Protection against damp in walls, party walls, foundations, etc.
  • It is used as waterproof protection in coatings of mineral wool fiber, fiberglass, etc.
  • Especially suitable, diluted in water, as a primer for floors and facings under a subsequent application of asphalt membrane.

Instructions for use

  • Substrate: Should be firm and free of dust, greasy residues or non-stick agents, and in general any substance that impairs adhesion.
  • If there are any holes or voids, the surface must be smoothed beforehand.
  • Application method: The product is applied cold after it has been homogenized.
  • It is applied just as it comes in the container or diluted with up to 10-15% of water.
  • It should be applied when the temperature is above 10ºC and below 35ºC.
  • When several coats are being applied, these should be done crosswise to each other, leaving the first coat to dry completely for about 24-48 hours before applying the next coat (depending on the level of humidity and the ambient temperature).
  • It should not be left directly exposed to the sun.
  • Cleaning tools: Work tools should be washed with plenty of water before the product dries. If it has dried, the cleaning can be done with an industrial solvent.


Packaged in tubs of 5 and 20 kg. Shelf life: Stable for 12 months from the date of manufacture in its sealed original packaging, protected from weather conditions at temperatures above +5ºC.


Technical data

Relative density at 25ºC UNE-104281/3-5 g/cm³ 0.98-1.10
Distillation residue UNE-104281/3-4 % 45-60
Water content UNE-104281/3-2 % 40-55
Hardening UNE-104281/3-9 - Within 24 hours of its application
Ash content UNE-104281/3-8 % 5-30
Heating at 100ºC UNE-104281/3-10 - No blisters, deformation of lines or slippage of film
Flexibility at 0ºC UNE-104281/3-11 - No formation of cracks detected
Water resistance UNE-104281/3-13 - No blisters. Does not re-emulsify the asphalt coating.
Direct flame test UNE-104281/3-13 - The coating will carbonize without running

The yield is approximately 0.9 – 1 kg/m², although this will depend on the absorption of the substrate.The actual use shall be determined for each particular job by doing representative tests in situ.


The instructions for use are given according to our tests and knowledge and do not imply any commitment by GRUPO PUMA nor free the consumer from the examination and verification of the products for their correct use. Claims must be accompanied by the original packaging to allow a proper traceability.

GRUPO PUMA is not responsible, in any case, for the application of its products or constructive solutions carried out by the application company or other parties involved in the process and / or execution of the work, limiting the responsibility of GRUPO PUMA exclusively to the damages directly attributable to the supplied products, individually or integrated in systems, due to failures in their manufacturing process.

In any case, the drafter of the work project, the technical management or the person responsible for the work, or collaterally the application company or other parties involved in the process and / or execution of the work, must ensure the suitability of the products addressing the characteristics of them, as well as the conditions, support and possible pathologies of the work in question.

The values obtained by GRUPO PUMAS's products or its constructive solutions that, as the case may be, are determined by the EN standards or any other regulation that applies to it in each case refers exclusively to the conditions specifically stipulated in said regulation and that are referred to, among others, to certain characteristics of the support, humidity and temperature conditions, etc. without being them required in the tests obtained under different conditions, all in accordance with the relevant regulation.