Implarest® C

Corrosion protection for steel reinforcements from the Morcemrest restoration system, in compliance with EN 1504-7. This product can be combined with other repair mortars from the Morcemrest range. Cementitious anti-corrosion mono-component primer, modified with polymers for protecting reinforcement. When mixed with water a grout is obtained which is applied to the previously cleaned steel. Due to its high pH level Implarest C creates a passivation layer on the surface of the reinforcement, halting the corrosion process. Implarest C is a corrosion protector classified in compliance with EN 1504-7.

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Portland cement, selected aggregates, polymers and additives with good dispersion. Product formulated with corrosive inhibitors.

Features and applications

  • Treating reinforcements with Implarest C is highly recommendable for applications where: 

- The depth of coverage is < 10 mm. - When the concrete is contaminated with chlorides. - When the repair cannot be carried out immediately after cleaningthe reinforcement.

  • Mono-component product.
  • It is only necessary to add water.
  • High alkaline product.
  • Passivation of steel surfaces.
  • Gray colour.
  • Permits control of coverage.
  • Compatible with cements and steels used for repairs.
  • Good adhesion to substrate.
  • Cures in damp conditions.
  • Easy to apply with brush.
  • Cement based.
  • Free from solvents.
  • Bonding coat for the MORCEMREST range of mortars.


  • Eliminate damaged concrete leaving a minimum space of 20 mm beyond the corroded reinforcement. The area of application must be 50 mm thicker on the edges of the corroded reinforcement.
  • Remove any remains of rust from the reinforcement using a needle gun or abrasive sandpaper.
  • Remove any remaining dust and particles from the process with pressurised water. The reinforcement can be lightly dampened before applying Implarest C.

Instructions for use


  • Mix Implarest C in a suitable recipient with clean water using a low speed mixer until a uniform and creamy consistency is obtained.
  • Add between 260 and 280 ml of water per kilo depending on the consistency necessary for application conditions.
  • Let the mixture stand for 5 minutes and stir just before applying. 


  • Apply the mixed product with a brush in a uniform layer at least 1 mm thick) all over the uncovered surface of the steel bar.
  • On areas of greater corrosive aggression, once the first layer has hardened sufficiently (40-90 minutes), apply a second layer in the same way as the first.
  • When the product has started to harden and before it dries, apply the repair mortar (fresh-on-fresh). 
  • For an effective protection against corrosion, 2 layers of 1 mm should be applied.


  • Do not apply Implarest C in temperatures lower than 5°C or it is expected to be lower than 5°C in the following 24 hours.


  • The mixing equipment must be cleaned with water. The cured material should be cleaned mechanically.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Implarest C is a cement-based product and could therefore irritate the eyes, skin and mucous membranes which should be protected with gloves and goggles while using the product. 
  • It is recommendable to wear dust masks. 
  • Rinse any splashes to the skin or eyes immediately with cold water. 
  • If irritation persists, consult a doctor. 
  • If product is accidently ingested, drink some water and consult a doctor.
  • The product datasheet contains full safety information.


1 and 4 kg tub. Implarest C must be stored in a sheltered dry place, protected against icy weather conditions and humidity. Product shelf life 1 year.

Technical data

(Statistical data obtained under standard conditions)
Appearance Gray cementitious powder
Consumption According to use
Shear bond strength (0.1 mm slippage) 9.4±0.1 kN
Protection against corrosion


Useful life of mixture (20°C) 45 min.
Minimum temperature for application 5°C
Maximum temperature for application 35°C

CE Mark

C) Conrado del Campo Nº2 29590 Campanillas (Málaga)
Nº: 8316-01


Product fot the protection and reparation of concrete structures,
for rust proofing frames

Adhesion through shear: Pass
Protection against rust: Pass


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