Anti-rust primer on metallic substrates, by forming an electronic barrier of cathodic protection.

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Additional information

Features and applications

  • Anti-rust primer to ensure a long lasting of the treatment.
  • It provides protection to metallic structures or exposed to industrial or marine atmospheres’ surfaces.
  • Metallic water conduction pipes in humid environments. Deposit stairs, handrail, etc.
  • Passive priming of metallic elements and frameworks.
  • High cathodic protection for epoxy or polyurethane treatment systems. It protects metallic elements against open air.
  • Great resistance against abrasion.
  • No reaction against polymerization 
  • Long lasting. Resistant to open air. Water and vapour proofing.
  • Great adherence to the substrate (dry substrates) High purity extra-thin ZN content.
  • Easy to apply (paintbrush, roller) without mixing components.


  • Surface must be clean and dry, free of dust, grease, oils or spare particles.
  • A degree of cleanliness Sa 21/2 is recommended, if the product's performance is to be obtained.  
  • Minimum temperature of the substrate + 5º C and maximum temperature + 30º C. 
  • If necessary, dry the substrate with a propane torch or hot air to eliminate any remaining humidity and promote adherence. 

Instructions for use

  • Mix the product using a low speed mechanical mixer (< 600 rpm), and continue mixing for 3 - 4 minutes to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  • Use a paint brush or roller to apply the product. 
  • Since the product is coagulated, in order to avoid decantation, re-dispersed with a propeller at low revolutions for several minutes until a liquid substance without lumps is obtained before applying it. Do not add any diluent.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Please consult our Technical Department in case of any specific application which may not be specified in this Technical Data Sheet.
  • In order to clean the tools, it is advisable to use solvents before the product gets hard.
  • Once the product gets hard, it will only be removed by mechanical means.
  • The Implarest ZN is hygroscopic and the containers must be kept tightly closed avoiding contact with environmental humidity. 
  • Do not keep any open containers in open air as a superficial scab may be formed. In the event of leaving any open container, add some xylene solvent to create a superficial light layer to isolate the product from air contact. 
  • Special ventilation conditions must be observed during the application of Implarest ZN, to favour the evaporation of the solvent and avoid its possible inhalation. 
  • For any other information required regarding safety in handling, transportation, storage and use of the product, consult the label and the updated version of the Product Safety Sheet.


5 kilos container.
Keep the product in dry and fresh places inside their closed original container at temperatures between +5ºC and +30ºC. Due date: 12 months from manufacturing date.

Technical data

Property Value
Look Viscous pigmented fluid 
ZN percentage on dried layer 65%
Density (25ºC) 2,00-2,20 Kg/dm3
Drying time   Approximately 1 hour
Time of application between layers at 25C. 4 hours
Finish Polymerization 1 day
Adherence to metal Between 6 - 8 Mpa
Approximate consumption 300 gr/m2
Performance It does not exceed 100 µm layer thickness. It facilitate
solvents evaporation.
Complies with the 1,440-hour salt spray test (UNE-EN-ISO 9227: 2017 equivalent to category C5-I high and C5-M high according to UNE-EN-ISO 12944-6: 1999 


The instructions for use are given according to our tests and knowledge and do not imply any commitment by GRUPO PUMA nor free the consumer from the examination and verification of the products for their correct use. Claims must be accompanied by the original packaging to allow a proper traceability.

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In any case, the drafter of the work project, the technical management or the person responsible for the work, or collaterally the application company or other parties involved in the process and / or execution of the work, must ensure the suitability of the products addressing the characteristics of them, as well as the conditions, support and possible pathologies of the work in question.

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