Morcem® Estuco CR CSII W2

Coating mortar based on aerial lime. For plastering with a fine scraped, floated or smooth finish, both on cement mortar rendering and directly on the cladding. Impervious to rainwater and permeable to water vapour.

998-1 - CR CSII W2 COV ECO

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Product based on aerial lime and hydraulic binders, selected aggregates and additives.

Features and applications

  • Suitable for interior and exterior areas.
  • Suitable option for both new work areas or rehabilitation.
  • High permeability to water vapour and permeability to rain.
  • Improves habitability.
  • It can be manually or mechanically applied.
  • Especially indicated for finishing surfaces with a scraped or floated concrete finish.
  • Great adherence.
  • Excellent workability, its great plasticity makes it easier to apply it during the whole process.
  • Application thickness between 10 and 20 mm.
  • Colour range available.


  • Ceramic brick and concrete block substrates, as well as other materials with a certain porosity.
  • Pruned substrates.
  • Substrates must be resistant enough, stable, healthy and clean. Free of dust, release agents, organic products, etc.
  • Compatibility between the substrate’s resistance and the mortar used should be taken into account.
  • In case of heavy heat, wind or very absorbent substrates, it is advisable to moisten the substrate and wait until the water film is totally absorbed. Do not apply on top of plaster or paint.

Instructions for use


  • Stablish according to the machine selected (section and length of hose) and external weather conditions, optimum water / mortar ratio.
  • Project the mortar onto the substrate, keeping the variables constant, as that may affect the characteristics of the applied mortar (distance from the wall, angle of application and proportion of water).


  • Add water and mix manually or mechanically until getting a homogeneous consistence, easy to work with. • Spread the kneaded product on the substrate with the help of a trowel.
  • For a good practice apply a 2-3 mm thick first hand, make sure it is well compacted, to seal the substrate, then lay the rest of the material.

Allow the necessary time to elapse and trowel or smooth, depending on the type of finish chosen.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply the product under 5ºC nor above 30ºC temperature.
  • Do not apply under the risk of frost, rain, heavy wind or direct sun light.
  • Perform an adequate treatment of singular points, such as slabs, pillars, window angles, etc. arming the product with fibreglass mesh to avoid cracking, embed it in the central part of the thickness of the coating.
  • In areas of low absorption, it is recommended to use a suitable junction bridge such as Implafix (see technical sheet).
  • Carry out a good design of joints, providing expansion, structural and any other necessary joints.
  • Under extreme weather conditions (heavy wind or high temperatures) it is necessary to kindly water the product after its application.
  • For thicknesses greater than 20 mm, it is recommended to apply the product in two layers. It is also advisable to place an intermediate mesh, always resistant to alkalis.
  • The final minimum thickness of the coating must be at least 10 mm to ensure permeability to rainwater.


  • 25Kg of laminated paper sacks.
  • Store up to 1 year in its original closed container, away from extreme weather conditions and humidity.

Technical data

(Statistic results obtained under standard conditions)


Aspect White / coloured powder
Permeability to water vapou µ≤15
Adhesion ≥  0,2 N/mm2
UNE EN 998-1 classification  CR CSII W2
Approximate performance 16 kg/m2 per 1 cm thickness


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Gama de cores

Blanco 100
Blanco 100
Crema 125
Crema 125
Ámbar 116
Ámbar 116
Rojo 950
Rojo 950
Hueso 200
Hueso 200
Marengo 325
Marengo 325
Naranja 451
Naranja 451
Roble 101
Roble 101
Arena 225
Arena 225
Albero 175
Albero 175
Madera 400
Madera 400
Salmón 501
Salmón 501