Morcemcril® Silicato

Synthetic mineral render, suitable for the waterproofing and decoration of façades and indoor walls.  Decorative coating in Exterior Thermal Insulation Systems TRADITERM (SATE / ETICS) and Morcemcal range of products.


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Highly breathable  render based on liquid potassium silicate, modified with an acrylic copolymer in dispersion, pigments, loads and additives.

Features and applications

  • Excellent water vapour permeability, allowing the substrate to breath.
  • Waterproof.
  • Good resistance to the alkalinity of the substrate.
  • Alkaline cladding that avoids the apparition of bacteria until its petrifying process is over.
  • Anti-mould - Anti moss
  • Resistant to ageing, city environments and ultraviolet rays.
  • Suitable for the majority of substrates.
  • Decorative finish of the Mocemcal Acabado revoking.
  • Decorative finish of dehumidifiers (Morcemcal Porógeno/ Morcemrest Mur)
  • Excellent  adherence to traditional construction substrates.
  • Washable
  • Esay and fast application.


  • Compatible with mineral substrates such as mineral mortars, concrete, lime  renders, paints, and healthy and well adhered silicate  renders.
  • Over Traditerm exterior thermal isolation systems as final decorative coating.
  • It is not compatible with lime paints, resin or varnishes and tempera paint; it is also advisable to avoid  its use over  synthetic materials, polymer paints in dispersion or plaster substrates.
  • Substrates should be clean, free from dust, loose particles, paint remains, oils, etc.
  • New concrete renders should be completely cured.
  • Please proceed with a general sanitation in areas that have been affected by fungus and algae.
  • Remove any debased or bad adhered paint using a brush, sandpaper or pickling the surface.

Instructions for use

  • On crumbling substrates, first apply FIJAMOR primer.
  • It is advisable to apply a layer of FONDO MORCEMCRIL SILICATO before its application. MORCEMCRIL SILICATO can be applied after 24 h.
  • Shake it until getting a perfect homogeneous mixture.
  • This product is ready to use and it can be applied with a steel trowel or using a spray gun.
  • If the mixture is applied by hand, the consistence and workability can be regularized by adding up to 250 ml of water per 25kg container. In the event of applying the mixture  by spray gun, up to 1 litre of water per 25kg container can be added. This adjustment will depend on the applying tool.
  • Stir the product before applying it.
  • Once the product has been applied on the substrate and the stickiness has been lost, trowel the material.
  • The cleaning of the tools should be done with abundant water immediately after being used.  Any other possible dry remains must be removed using solvent such as turpentine.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C, under direct sunlight, rain or risk of frost.
  • High humidity or fog may delay the final hardening of the material. For a successful application  it is advisable to have a certain experience.
  • High humidity levels in the air and/ or low temperatures may elongate the drying time and produce changes in the uniformity of the colour.
  • Do not apply it on horizontal surfaces or sloping areas with an angle below 45º.
  • Surfaces should be protected from rain water during the application of the product or during its hardening process.
  • Protect the superior edges of the cladding from rain water.
  • In order to ensure the uniformity of the colour,  please order the total amount required in a single delivery.  Do not mix or combine different manufacturing lots in the same area.
  • When applying with a blasting machine, remember to keep the same pressure and angle during the process, as well as the distance regarding the substrate, in order to avoid differences in the appearance of the final product.
  • Protect eyes and skin as well as the surroundings of the working area, clean any possible splatter with water before the product dries.


MORCEMCRIL Silicate is presented in 25Kg buckets.
Up to 1 years in its original packaging, properly closed, in fresh and dry places away from inclement weather  and direct sun. Avoid extreme temperatures (less than 5°C and more than 35°C).

Technical data

(Statistic results obtained in standard conditions)

Viscosity 400 dPa±100
Density 1,8 g/cm3
Yiled 2 - 3 Kg/m2
Adherence on concrete >15 Kg/cm2
Drying time 30 min. at 25°C and 50 % of humidity
Colours Under request



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