Morcemdur® Raspado Fino OC CSIII W2

Decorative and waterproofing one-layer mortar for façades. Manual or mechanical application directly on the brick. Impervious to rainwater and permeable to water vapour. Thin scraping finish.


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Product based on high-strength cement, selected aggregates and special additives, pigments and synthetic resin.

Features and applications

  • Direct application on the closing wall without filling.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • Waterproofing cladding.
  • Permeable to water vapour, allowing the substrate to breathe.
  • It does not cause cracks.
  • No changes on outdoors’ substrates.
  • Avoids any paint.
  • It provides the façade with a decorative finish in a single step.
  • Scraped or polished finish.


  • Conventional cement-base or brick fabric substrates.
  • Substrates must be resistant enough, stable, healthy and clean.
  • Free of dust, release agents, organic products, etc.
  • In case of heavy heat, wind or very absorbent substrates, it is advisable to moisten the substrate and wait until the water film is totally absorbed.
  • In singular points (joints between different materials, slabs, pillars, shutter boxes, door and window frame angles, etc.) reinforce the mortar with fibreglass mesh to prevent cracks.
  • On slightly porous substrates, apply a suitable primer, or improve the roughness by mechanical means.
  • Do not apply on top of plaster or paint.

Instructions for use


  • Add water and mix manually or mechanically until getting a homogeneous consistence, easy to work with.
  • Spread the kneaded product on the substrate with the help of a trowel.
  • Spread the paste with a 12 mm and 15 mm thickness, after marking on site the cuttings by PVC beading.
  • For a good practice apply a 2-3 mm thick first hand, make sure it is well compacted, to seal the substrate, then lay the rest of the material.


  • Stablish according to the machine selected (section and length of hose) and external weather conditions or optimum water / mortar ratio.
  • Project the mortar onto the substrate, keeping the variables constant, as that may affect the characteristics of the applied mortar (distance from the wall, angle of application and proportion of water).


Scraping aspect.

  • Once the material has been applied, let it set for 4 to 15 hours, according to the type of substrate and environmental conditions.
  • Then, scrap the surface with a suitable tool (trowel with spikes, a saw, etc.).
  • To end up, brush the surface with a soft brush the following day to remove any spare particles.



  • Polish the hardened mortar partially to obtain a gradient colour result.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply the product under 5ºC nor above 30ºC temperature
  • Do not apply under the risk of frost, rain, heavy wind or direct sun light.
  • As a consequence of the change in raw materials, the shades of the coloured mortars may vary slightly by batch.
  • It is not advisable to apply it on horizontal or leaning surfaces.
  • For thickness greater than 2 cm it is advisable to apply the product in several layers.
  • The minimum final thickness applied should be 10 mm.


25 Kg of laminated paper sacks.

Store up to 1 year in its original closed container, away from extreme weather conditions and humidity.

Technical data

Statistical data obtained under standard conditions


Scraping time From 4 to 15 hours (depending on weather conditions)
Time to polish From 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on weather conditions)
Capillarity < 0,2 Kg/m² min0.5
 UNE EN 998-1classification OC CSIII W2 
Approximate performance 17 ± 1 kg/m2 per cm of thickness



Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

This mortar has been elaborated with arid located close to our production centres, which has reduce the emission of greenhouse effect gases thanks to transport and ISO 14001 certified production centres with environmental management, with a firm commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment.

Type III eco-friendly labelled mortar (The strictest one) verified Environmental Product Declaration by AENOR


Instructions given on how to use the product are given based on our tests and knowledge and do not imply any commitment from GRUPO PUMA and do not exempt the user from checking and verifying the products before using them. Claims must be presented with the original packaging to allow an adequate traceability.

GRUPO PUMA is not responsible, under any circumstances, for the application of its products or constructive solutions by the applicator company or other subjects involved in the application and / or execution of the work in question, limiting the responsibility of GRUPO PUMA exclusively to possible damages attributable directly and exclusively to the products supplied, individual or integrated into systems, due to failures in their manufacture.

In any case, the creator of the work project, the technical management or person in charge, or subsidiarity the application company or other possible people involved in the application and / or execution of the work in question, must ensure the suitability of the products. Taking always into account the substrates and any possible pathologies that may occur in the workplace itself.

The values of the GRUPO PUMA products or construction solutions, mentioned in the UNE norm or in any other, exclusively refer to the stipulated conditions. They all refer to specific characteristics on the substrates (humidity, temperature, etc.) without being required for tests obtained under different conditions.


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Blanco 100
Blanco 100
Crema 125
Crema 125
Marfil 130
Marfil 130
Venecia 250
Venecia 250
Hueso 200
Hueso 200
Gris 300
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