Paviland® ARQ Barniz

Finished treatment for pavements of resin, cement or micro-cement  which provides a surface, with bactericidal efficiency, of great impermeability, easy cleanliness, high resistance to the graze and the abrasion. It highlights and embellishes the pavement. Completion varnish for the systems Paviland Arq.

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Product based on resins of polyurethane in watery base

Features and applications

  • Good resistance to abrasion and marks caused by traffic.
  • Effective bactericidal action that makes it specially recommended both in domestic places (kitchen, bathrooms, etc) and in public places (medical consultations, restaurants, etc).
  • PAVILAND ARQ VARNISH film retains flexibility, without cracking, once hardened.
  • Facilitates the cleanliness of the pavements. It is recommended for its cleanliness and maintenance the product Neutral Cleaner Multiuses of the range PUMACARE. 
  • Though the product Paviland Arq is specially designed for the sealed of the systems, also it is valid for its application in  pavements of resins epoxide, epoxy - cements, concretes etc…

Instructions for use

  • The support must be dry because PU resin is sensitive to moisture.
  • Concrete and mortar (28 days at least in the case of concrete) must be completely cured before application.
  • The previous implementation of the Paviland Arq Resina primer is recommended.
  • Mix both components in the indicated proportion and homogenize.
  • Apply with brush or roller of short hair (8 mm), extending well the product.
  • it is recommended the application of two hands of product, applying the second one passed between 4 and 12 hours after the first one. 
  • The cycles of application recommended according to location and the use of the pavement or coating are the following one

Table sealing cycle

Cycle high resistance to liquids 2 x PAVILAND ARQ RESIN + 1 x PAVILAND ARQ VARNISH
Cycle high resistance to abrasion 1 x PAVILAND ARQ RESIN + 2 x PAVILAND ARQ VARNISH
Cycle high resistance to abrasion and high resistance to liquids and stains


Cautions and recommendations

  • Supports must be clean, free of dust, fats, oils, liquids, gratty, etc.
  • Do not apply with humidity, strong wind or frost.
  • Do not apply below 10 ° C or above 25 ° C.
  • Ensure good ventilation of the room during its application.
  • Use gloves and protective glasses during its application.
  • In case of spillage gather with absorbent materials as sand or sawdust.
  • Product remains of must not be spilt in rivers, sewers, etc


Container 5 + 0.5 L 
Storage up to 1 year in original package closed, sheltered from the weather ,humidity and  direct sunlight

Technical data

(Statistical results obtained under standard conditions).

Catalysis Reaction 10/1
Application temperature 10-25 ° C
Application Roller 8 mm / brush
Eventual dilution Diluent Paviland Arq H2O
Chemical resistance - physical Excellent
Performance 80 - 100 gr/m2
Dry time by dust 30’ (1)
Dry time by touch  2 hours (1)
Useful life 2 hours (1)
Time of repainting From 4 to 12 hours (1)
Sanding time 12 hours (1)
Brightness / opacity Brightness (LD): 80 gloss / opaque (OP): 20 gloss
Coverage Excellent
Cleaning of tools Diluent Paviland Arq 40



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