Pegoland® Fast Flex C2 FTE S1

Cementitious adhesive made of mixed bonding agents, fast hardening and drying properties, with reduced slippage. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cladding on floors and walls. Once hard, does not contain soluble salts that stain the stones or cause efflorescence to exterior facings. Especially suitable for fixing to façades, large areas of flooring, floors with underfloor heating and whenever a fast turn around time is required. It permits bonding all types of ceramic tiles or elements with similar characteristics.

12004 - C2 FTE S1 COV DAP Casita_Elite_Flexible

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Product comprised of high-performance hydraulic bonding materials, selected aggregates, additives and synthetic resins that provide a high-bonding strength just a few hours after applying. Excellent manageability and resistance to ageing.

Features and applications

  • Reduced slip. Excellent initial adhesion.
  • Long open time, allows for the repositioning of tiles.
  • Reduces the risk of stains appearing on the stones or surface area.
  • Turn around time of just 6 hours after applying.
  • For bonding, interior and exterior pavements and coatings. Interior and exterior application, walls.
  • For bonding all types of ceramic materials. Especially suitable for exterior fixing of marble, granite and natural stone as it does not contain soluble salts and it is fast drying and hardening.
  • Bonding of large surfaces with heavy traffic, floors with underfloor heating systems, cooling chambers and overlays.
  • Highly recommended for restoration work where a fast turn around time is required (shopping centres, airports, hospitals, etc.).
  • Deformable. Type S1. Complies with standard UNE EN 12002
  • Swimming pool coverings. Suitable for immersion.
  • Adhesion of insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), fiberglass or rock wool, sound absorbing panels, aerated concrete blocks, laminated plasterboards (PYL), etc.


  • Conventional cement based substrates.
  • Suitable for fixing to any type of laminated plasterboard.
  • On cementitious waterproofing from the MORCEMDRY range
  • Substrates must be resistant, stable, sound and clean, free of dust, demolding agents, organic products, etc.
  • Marble, granite, terrazzo, natural stone and all types of ceramics in interior and exterior paving and interior cladding.
  • All substrates must have the appropriate flatness. If not, a screed should be made using the same product up to a maximum of 5 mm at least 12 hours prior to bonding. For a larger thickness use:
    • On screeds: NIVELAND 10R levelling paste or PAVILAND RECRECIDO AUTONIVELANTE, according to substrate and requirements.
    • On facings: levelling mortars with appropriate tensile strength and curing retraction already finished.
  • In case of hot or windy weather conditions or when applying over absorbent substrates, it is advisable to wet the substrate and wait until the thin layer of water disappears.
  • On cementitious waterproofing from the MORCEMDRY range.
  • On exterior paving the support must have a slope equal to or greater than 1%.
  • Do not apply on plastered or painted surfaces.

Instructions for use

  • Mix the adhesive with 5-6 litres of clean water per bag. Mix manually or mechanically until a uniform consistency has been obtained, without any lumps.
  • Let the mixture stand for 5 minutes and remix.
  • Spread the mixed product onto the substrate with a trowel to a maximum surface area of 2 m2.
  • Spread with a notched trowel to adjust the thickness (see chart). 
  • Only apply to the surface that can be faced within the product's open time in order to allow for weather conditions at that moment. On external walls it is recommendable for the adhesive ridges to be horizontal.
  • Colocar as peças sobre o adesivo fresco, pressionando e movendo até conseguir o total esmagamento dos sulcos e uma correta aderência de toda a superfície da cerâmica. Verificar periodicamente a pegajosidade do adesivo levantando uma cerâmica previamente colocada, se observar o aparecimento de uma película sem transferência na superfície do adesivo, ou desidratação do adesivo, proceder à eliminação do material e aplicar novo produto.
  • Colocação das cerâmicas pelo método de dupla colagem em exteriores, para formatos superiores a 900 cm2, em pavimentos de utilização comercial ou industrial, se existe aquecimento radiante, na colocação de cerâmicas de reduzida espessura (lâminas), se utilizar sistemas de nivelamento, ou se as cerâmicas apresentarem um relevo tal que dificulte o bom contacto com o adesivo.
  • Respect the construction joints (expansion, contraction, sealing, corner joints) and placing between bricks (minimum 2 mm inside and 5 mm outside).
  • Joints can be sealed after 3 hours.  Use the appropriate mortar from the MORCEMCOLOR RANGE, according to joint type.

NOTE: For better results lay bricks as soon as possible after spreading product.

Notched-trowel panel

Maximum brick weight on vertical faces: 40 kg/m2 

< 100 cm2 U4 (4 x 4 x 4) Single
≤ 450 cm2 U6 (6 x 6 x 6) Single
≤ 900 cm2 U6 (6 x 6 x 6) / U9 (9 x 9 x 9) or ∩10 Double - Single
> 900 cm2 U9 (9 x 9 x 9) or ∩10 Double

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply in conditions below 5ºC nor above 30ºC.
  • Do not apply when there is a risk of frost, rain, strong wind or direct sunlight.
  • In extreme weather conditions (strong winds or hot temperatures) drying may occur faster than normal.
  • On flooring and facings with a surface area greater than 50 m2 for interiors, and 30 m2 for exteriors, or for elongated areas over 15 lineal metres, it is recommended to leave separation or sealing joints filled with a deformable material of Pumalastic range.
  • Underfloor heating systems should be switched off at least 48 hours prior to use and should be switched back on again gradually at least 7 days after installing the flooring and pointing operation.
  • On floors with radiant heating, apply when the surface is at room temperature (between 5ºC and 30ºC). 
  • When using on plasterboard, ensure the substrate is fixed well to avoid any movement.
  • On interior floorings, it is advisable to keep a free perimeter expansion joint between the floor and the wall or pillar, hidden by a skirting board (of approximately 5 mm). These joints should be sealed with a deformable material (PUMALASTIC RANGE)
  • On façades and external cladding, the material should always be fixed with anchors or mechanical fixings, when some of the following conditions apply: format above 2400 cm2, one side of the largest piece is larger than 60 cm, weight above 40 kg/m2 or higher than 3 metres.
  • For use on cooling chambers, these should remain switched off until the correct adhesive curing has been obtained.
  • Swimming pools can be refilled 3 days after applying the adhesive.
  • The water-tightness of a swimming pool must be ensured before using the product on it.
  • For elements reinforced with fibreglass meshing on the back, please consult our technical department.
  • The manageability and setting times of the adhesive can vary according to the temperatures, ventilation, substrate absorbency and covering materials used.
    YESO or an adhesive from the PROFESSIONAL PEGOLAND LINE, avoyding dead or weak plaster.
  • On ceramic floors (overlapping), remove the pieces that are badly adhered and fill the gaps with mortar the day before applying the product. Ensure that the old ceramic is free of grease or wax residues, if necessary proceed to the milling of the glazed surface until the loss of brightness of the old ceramic. In case of doubt to make previous test to establish the suitability of the contributed solution.


25 kg plastic-lined paper bags.
Shelf life: up to 6 months in sealed original packaging, sheltered from weather conditions and humidity.

Technical data

(Results obtained under standard conditions)

Appearance Grey powder
Adjustment time: Approx. 30 mins. (depending on weather conditions)
Paste shelf life: Approx. 45 mins. (depending on weather conditions)
Commissioning of pedestrian traffic: 6 hours
Commissioning for industrial use: 24 hours
Commissioning of tanks and pools: 3 days
Initial adhesion (at 6 hours): ≥ 0.5 N/mm2
Initial adhesion: ≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Adhesion after water immersion: ≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Adhesion after heat ageing: ≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Adhesion after freeze/thaw cycles: ≥ 1.0 N/mm2
Temperatura de serviço From -30ºC to 90ºC
UNE-EN 12004:2008 Classification C2FTE
UNE-EN 12002:2009 Classification S1
Approximate performance  simple gluing: 4 kg/m2
double gluing: 6 kg/m2 

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Cement based mortar prepared with aggregates that are supplied close to the production center, which reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise arise from their transport. Manufactured in production centers with an Environmental management certified system following ISO 14001 regulation, offering a firm promise of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Cement based mortar with type III ecological label (the most strict) Environmental Product Declaration verified externally by AENOR.


The instructions for use are given according to our tests and knowledge and do not imply any commitment by GRUPO PUMA nor free the consumer from the examination and verification of the products for their correct use. Claims must be accompanied by the original packaging to allow a proper traceability.

GRUPO PUMA is not responsible, in any case, for the application of its products or constructive solutions carried out by the application company or other parties involved in the process and / or execution of the work, limiting the responsibility of GRUPO PUMA exclusively to the damages directly attributable to the supplied products, individually or integrated in systems, due to failures in their manufacturing process.

In any case, the drafter of the work project, the technical management or the person responsible for the work, or collaterally the application company or other parties involved in the process and / or execution of the work, must ensure the suitability of the products addressing the characteristics of them, as well as the conditions, support and possible pathologies of the work in question.

The values obtained by GRUPO PUMAS's products or its constructive solutions that, as the case may be, are determined by the EN standards or any other regulation that applies to it in each case refers exclusively to the conditions specifically stipulated in said regulation and that are referred to, among others, to certain characteristics of the support, humidity and temperature conditions, etc. without being them required in the tests obtained under different conditions, all in accordance with the relevant regulation.