Pumacril Revestimiento Pétrea

Product best for application in exterior and interior work.
Recommended on exterior vertical facing of concrete, brick and construction material based on cement.


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Stony coating based on acrylic copolymers.

Features and applications

  • Good whiteness and opacity and allows for transpiration of applied support.
  • Finishing has certain ruggedness.
  • Waterproof and steam transpirable.
  • Great stability in the open and under UV rays.
  • Excellent adherence on usual construction support.



  • Eliminate dust, grease and other contaminants
  • Apply a layer of FIJAMOR diluted with 2 or 3 parts of water to equalise support absorption.
  • Apply the paint according to instructions for use


  • Eliminate mold pollution with bleach or other appropriate decontaminant, as well as loose paint pieces or other construction material.
  • Level irregularities with appropriate putty.  Leave to dry and sandpaper.
  • Apply a layer of FIJAMOR diluted with 2 or 3 parts of water to equalise support absorption.
  • The use of hydrofuge sealer is recommended on surfaces in poor conditions, poorly united or with dampness problems.
  • Apply the paint according to instructions for use.



Instructions for use

  • Shake until mixture is homogeneous
  • Dilute the first layer approximately with 15% of water.
  • The second hand and following hands can be diluted up to a maximum of 5% with water.
  • Apply with brush or roller if you intend to achieve greater performance and more decorative results.
  • Dry to touch time 30 minutes.
  • Cleaning of tools done with water immediately after use.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5ºC.
  • Do not apply either with relative humidity greater than 85% or on wet supports.
  • Stores in fresh and dry places.


4 and 14 L tub.
Shelf life: 1 year in sealed original packaging, sheltered from outside conditions and humidity

Technical data

(Statistical data obtained under standard conditions)
Colour WHITE
Viscosity (22ºC) 100 dPas +/- 10
Specific weight 1,67 Kg/L
Approximate Yield 8 at 10 m²/L
Dry out times 30 min. to tact
Repainting interval Minimum 3 hours, depending on room temperature


The instructions for use are given according to our tests and knowledge and do not imply any commitment by GRUPO PUMA nor free the consumer from the examination and verification of the products for their correct use. Claims must be accompanied by the original packaging to allow a proper traceability.

GRUPO PUMA is not responsible, in any case, for the application of its products or constructive solutions carried out by the application company or other parties involved in the process and / or execution of the work, limiting the responsibility of GRUPO PUMA exclusively to the damages directly attributable to the supplied products, individually or integrated in systems, due to failures in their manufacturing process.

In any case, the drafter of the work project, the technical management or the person responsible for the work, or collaterally the application company or other parties involved in the process and / or execution of the work, must ensure the suitability of the products addressing the characteristics of them, as well as the conditions, support and possible pathologies of the work in question.

The values obtained by GRUPO PUMAS's products or its constructive solutions that, as the case may be, are determined by the EN standards or any other regulation that applies to it in each case refers exclusively to the conditions specifically stipulated in said regulation and that are referred to, among others, to certain characteristics of the support, humidity and temperature conditions, etc. without being them required in the tests obtained under different conditions, all in accordance with the relevant regulation.


Colors in stock

Marfil 15
Marfil Medio 17
Crema 19
Tierra del sur 21
Tostado 23
Ocre 25
Paja 27
Albero 29
Tierra 31
Duna 33
Coral Suave 35
Ocre Tostado 37
Lizar 39
Terracota 41
Rojo Teja 43
Rojo Maestranza 45
Verde Arcilla 47
Retama 49
Albero Maestranza
Verde Frontón
Nácar 55
Azul Claro 57
Cuero 59
Pistacho 61