Traditerm® Panel Corcho

Natural expanded cork agglomerate used as thermal-acoustic insulation in the Traditerm Nature System (EWI/ETICS), suitable for both new buildings and restoration work. This product is suitable for the TRADITERM® exterior thermal insulation systems. It gives a 100% natural insulation and highly breathable. The range of thicknesses that provide different levels of insulation. Its a light and workable material, also easy to cut.  

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Natural cork

Features and applications

  • Traditerm Nature external thermal insulation system (EWI/ETICS).
  • 100% natural insulation.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Light and workable material.
  • Easy to cut.
  • Range of thicknesses that provide different levels of insulation.

Instructions for use

  • The panels are fixed to the substrate with Traditerm mortar adhesive, previously applied with a notched trowel. 
  • The panels are installed in an offset position (25 cm minimum interlocking between the vertical joints of the panels).
  • In the event of not being able to smooth unevenness between panels by sanding, it is essential to control the surface flatness when applying the finishing coat. 
  • Position fixings in the panels, 8 units per m2. The upper part of the fixing should be inserted some mm inside the panel. Next use Traditerm mortar to level the surface of the insulation panel.
  • Finally apply finishing coat to the Traditerm panels, that have been reinforced with Traditerm meshing.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight while applying and finishing with Traditerm mortar.
  • To fix the panels, spread Traditerm mortar over the surface of the panel and comb with a notched trowel, removing the excess mortar from the joints (of approx 2 cm) to avoid any adhesive protruding between the panels when pressed to prevent thermal bridging.
  • When installing the panels to the substrate, carefully control the flatness.
  • Reinforce all the corners of the panel with reinforcement profiles from the Traditerm System (EWI/ETICS).
  • In areas exposed to impact, strengthen the panels with a double layer of Traditerm mesh.
  • Do not align panel joints on window recesses and corners of openings to prevent the appearance of cracking.
  • Strengthen these joints with mesh strips of 20 x 40 cm placed diagonally and fixed with Traditerm mortar.




The panels should be stored in a dry place, protected from the rain and sun.
This product is considered as non-hazardous for transportation.

Technical data


Densité nominale (kg/m3) 110 EN 1602
Thermal resistance Thermal resistance See table
Thermal conductivity (m*K) 0.039
Thickness  dL T1-T2 (d<50mm)

Water permeability

Water absorption WS

Water vapor

Water vapor transmision MU20
Compressive strenght Compressive strenght at 10% deformation CS (19) 100
Durability of fire performance against heat/weathering, aging/degradation Durability characteristics Satisfactory
Durability og thermal resistance against heat/weathering, aging/degradation Thermal resistance and thermal conductivity Satisfactory
Durability characteristics Satisfactory
Rensile Tensile strength perpendicular to faces TR50

Durability of compressive strenght against aging /degradation

Compressive creep  CC (0,8/0,4/10) 5

 Declared performance: ICB - EN 13170 - L2 - W2 - T2 - CS(10)100 - TR50 - WS - MU20 - CC(0,8/0,4/10)5 - AFr35


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