Proyect in London
It is a street located in the district of the Great London, and it is known for being the headquarters of the recording studios Abbey Road Studios and for the album of The Beatles of 1969, Abbey Road, they decided to call this way their last LP of studio.
The photography of the front page of the album shows the  four members of the group crossing the zebra crossing that is opposite to the entry of the study. In December, 2010, the English Heritage granted  to that place the status of classified monument .
The previous conditions of the coating can be seen in the photos before applying MorcemCal in Gray color.
After the completion  with the new mortar Morcem Lime the lines were marked to reply the work of stone.
Type and quantity of the product used
Morcem®Cal Finishes  color Marengo 325– 13.000 kg
Morcem®Cal Base color Natural 246 – 5.000 kg

DATE – Dicember  2015 – January  2016

Location: London (Abbey Road)

Construction company: MONOCOUCHE Render Systems

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