Rising damp humidity reparation in the cloister of Santo Domino de Guzman Convent in Ocaña with MorcemCal Porógeno.
Humidity caused by raising damp affects the lower part of the cloister of the convent supported by stone columns sections closed by wooden and glass joinery.
We tackled the reparation by cleaning up the affected areas and restoring them with macroporous mortar Morcem®Cal Porógeno. This mortar has the capillary net favoured and it occludes the spaces in the inner part where salts may be deposited, preventing its appearance in the surface areas and favouring the evaporation of humidity at the same time.
The nature of the porous surface of the majority of the construction materials creates an inmate capillary net which allows the rising of humidity.
An efficient solution is making the walls get rid of the humidity by themselves, At times, its necessary to set barrier measures.
Grupo Puma has developed a mortar line, exempted of concrete, which includes as conglomerate, exclusively, natural hydraulic lime aiccording to the EN 459-1 standard. This line provides mayor solutions in case of rehabilitation or new building.
In order to decorate the surface its advisable to use coloured mortars or breathable paint, silicate base, so as not to block vaporisation of water.

Location: Ocaña

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