Grupo Puma collaborates in the complete implementation of a new construction solution in the rehabilitation of a coverage of an important set of buildings located in a residential area in Málaga city.
Due to the lack of impermeability problems, a construction solution is performed in order to guarantee the impermeability in the garage area, and, at the same time in order not to overload the forge, making possible the transit of people.
The proposal combines diverse construction solutions, removing the floating roof system:
  • Implementation of slope formation on existing forge with a lightweight mortar and Termo 6 insulating for screeds and coatings. Later application of M 7,5 mortar as compression layer.
  • Implementation of MorcemCover system, made out of a liquid membrane of high adherence polyurethane with high resistance soaked geotextile.
  • Use of Pavigarden system, made out of Drenante Paviland concrete base, overlap straps and Green Court adhesive in order to add the artificial grass.

Location: Málaga

Construction company: S.G.C. Constructions

Author: Miguel Ángel Algarra

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